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A Winning Team

Our amazing team are committed to helping animals in our community. We are taking our convictions and turning them into action. 

The Team of Hunter Valley Animal Facility & Rehoming Centre


  • President: Peta Smith 
  • Vice President: Jade Luhr 
  • Board Member: Jen Barbour 
  • Board Member: Leah Boyd 
  • Board Member: Lin Naidoo 

Animals Are Our Mission

Every year hundreds of thousands of our companion animals are abandoned in Australia. A high percentage of these abandoned paws never get the chance at a second happy ever after!

Whilst we can’t save them all we CAN commit to helping save the thousands of cats and dogs our local councils normally surrendered over to the RSPCA each year.

This is our communities time to shine and show how it could and should be done to support the rehabilitation and rehoming of our abandoned companion animals.

It’s OUR time to ensure that we have a safe option for the companion animals in our community, it’s time to step up and BE THE CHANGE!

Our History

The team at Hunter Valley Animal Facility & Rehoming Centre combine over 15 years of rescue knowledge, commitment and passion. The team are from all walks of life, breed specific rescues and all breed rescues ensuring that the knowledge and experience base is extremely high. 

Working with our community for our community!

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Your support and contributions will enable us to help these animals. Your generous donation will give these paws a chance at a future!

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